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URGENT: Garifuna Community Under Attack

“Please help us. In this moment, two cars with armed people are entering Vallecito. The people of Vallecito are terrified. Please help us.”

This is the message we just received from our partner OFRANEH (the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras). This most recent attack on the Afro-Indigenous Garifuna community of Vallecito comes just days after three community members were forced to flee their homes after being shot at and after daily raids of the community’s beach by a gang of 6-8 men who have cut the fence surrounding Vallecito. This continued violence and harassment is causing extreme anguish to community members, who are in constant fear for their safety and lives.

We need your solidarity to stop these violent attacks and repression.

OFRANEH has asked that you immediately contact US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who recently visited Honduras on a delegation), the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and Honduran officials to demand immediate protection of Vallecito and intervention to stop the violence they are facing.

We will continue to keep you updated on what’s happening in Vallecito. Thank you for your solidarity!

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