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Stand Up for Palestinian Children

The Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act (HR2407) aims to end US funding for Israeli military occupation abuses and lays the groundwork for achieving justice for detained children. It authorizes the appropriation of funds to monitor human rights abuses and to provide physical, psychological, and emotional rehabilitation to Palestinian children who have been victims of Israel's military detention system.

An estimated 10,000 Palestinian children have been detained by Israeli security forces and prosecuted in the Israeli court system since 2000. Independent human rights organizations have documented the abuse and, in some cases, torture these children have endured – including chokeholds, beatings and coercive interrogation techniques. Palestinian children are also held for extended periods of time without access to their parents or lawyers in military prisons, which lack fundamental fair trial rights.

Tell your Congressional representative to cosponsor HR2407 today!

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