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Stand with MST Families in Brazil

Under the Brazilian Constitution, landless families have the right to occupy arable land that is not being used to grown food to feed themselves. On November 7 a judge ruled against the community of Quilombo Campo Grande and has given the 450 families living there seven days to leave the community. This decision will destroy 1,760 hectares of corn, beans, manioc, pumpkin, and coffee crops as well as hundreds of houses and animal corrals that the community has built in their 20 years of organizing and building Quilombo Campo Grande.

With the new Brazilian administration, the MST, their members and the agrarian reform communities they have constitutionally created are facing increased criminalization. They have said and asked for global solidarity saying, "The Movement has faced military dictatorship since birth. It is with this history and with such courage that the families of Quilombo Campo Grande will resist and remain in the lands...It will not be an eviction injunction that will erase so many years of struggle." 

Join us in taking action today. 

[English translation of the demand letter appears at the bottom of this action.]

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    Attention Dr. Sr. Juiz Walter Ziwicker Esbaille Junior,

    I am writing to request the permanent cancellation of the eviction order from the Quilombo Campo Grande camp in Campo do Meio (MG). For 20 years, 450 families have lived in this land, making it productive with the cultivation of coffee, corn, beans, vegetables, fruits and livestock. That eviction would affect the 450 families that have their homes, schools and livelihoods in this land - over 2,000 people - as well as the thousands of people who depend on the healthy food they produce. This order of repossession violates articles 22 to 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which protects social rights, the right to work and the choice of work for the families residing on this land.

    For the resolution of this conflict and for the families continue on this land, I make this appeal.