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End Support of Israeli State-Sponsored Violence in Gaza and the West Bank

On Friday, March 30 Israel’s military opened fire on unarmed Palestinians as they were commemorating Palestinian Land Day injuring 1,400 and killing at least 17 non-violent Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip. 

We cannot sit on the sidelines while such flagrant injustice and violence is being perpetrated by the Israeli military and is being supported by the US government. We also condemn the US for blocking the UN Security Council Resolution calling for an independent investigation into Palestinian deaths at the Gaza border.

Join us in demanding that the US government:

  1. Denounce Israel’s violent repression and support an independent investigation into the deaths of Palestinian protesters;
  2. Ensure the safety of the thousands of Palestinian refugees who are taking part in the six-week right of return protests;
  3. Respect Palestinians’ internationally recognized refugee rights; and
  4. End all support for Israel, including cooperation and trade with the Israeli military and security sector, and the current $38 billion defense aid package from the US to Israel.

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    Photo courtesy of Palestinian Center for Human Rights