Grassroots International

Demand Democracy in Honduras

 Incumbent President Hernandez was just announced as the winner of the Honduran presidential election by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE.) This announcement comes after numerous testimonies and evidence of fraud and voter intimidation and suppression throughout the country.

In response, the Honduran people have been mobilizing to demand democracy and human rights. To suppress people’s protests of election fraud, the military security forces have been firing live ammunition into crowds of peaceful protestors, resulting in at least 22 deaths so far. Since December 1 there has been a presidential decree suspending Constitutional rights and imposing a curfew.

The US government has been providing ongoing support and financial backing of the Honduran government – including supporting the 2009 coup d’etat which lead to the right-wing National Party taking power.  Today, we urge you to join us in telling Congress to be on the right side of democracy and history. Specifically we call on them to:

  • Not recognize the election results;
  • Suspend diplomatic relations with the Honduran government;
  • Revoke the State Department’s certification of meeting human rights and anti-corruption conditions;
  • End US security aid to Honduras;
  • Condemn the Honduran government’s violent crackdown of protests and suspension of Constitutional rights;
  • Extend Temporary Protected Status to the 57,000+ Hondurans currently in the US; and
  • Respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples and peasant communities in Honduras

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