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Help Protect Al Hadidiya

The Israeli military is illegally demolishing homes, shelters, and roads in Al Hadidiya. Now soldiers won’t even let the families cover themselves with plastic sheets to take shelter from the freezing rain. We need you to add your voice to demand that our government speak out to protect the families in Al Hadidiya (and all of the Palestinian farmers and herders in the Jordan Valley).

Before 1967, Al Hadidiya was a thriving farming community with about 300 families. At that time the community lived in traditional stone houses. In 1997 they were driven from their land and forced to settle several kilometers away, living in makeshift tents and suffering repeated demolitions. The latest demolition is part of an intensified campaign to remove Bedouin communities form the Jordon Valley, and has targeted community leaders like Abu Saqer and the people of Al Hadidya.

The destruction and forced relocation of the people of Al Hadidya is prohibited under international humanitarian law and human rights law.

We must act now to stop the Israeli military from pushing these families off of their land. We need you to add your voice to the international pressure to help protect Al Hadidiya.

*** Because this action is to President Obama and the US Congress, only US citizens can take action.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here