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Tell Mexican Officials: Return Oaxaca to the people

On June 5 thousands of federal police, soldiers and marines flooded Oaxaca, Mexico, under the guise of “safeguarding” the mid-term elections. However local residents and human rights leaders believe that the government used the elections as a ploy to militarize Oaxaca and stifle social movements working for change in the region since the military remains after the elections have ended.

Our partners in Mexico and 54 other non-governmental agencies are asking if you will stand in solidarity with them and demand that the military exit Oaxaca immediately.

(English version of the letter appears below the form.)

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Subject Line: An end to the militarization of Oaxaca


I am writing today as a concerned global citizen demanding an end to the militarization of Oaxaca. On June 5, military and federal forces flooded in Oaxaca in the name of “safeguarding” the mid-term elections in Mexico. I stand with civil society organizations in Mexico in criticizing this decision as an affront to the democratic process in Mexico and a threat to civil society organizations working to create social change.

The recent militarization echoes the response to large-scale mobilizations and social protests that occurred in 2006. The arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial executions, torture, violence and other human rights violations that occurred back in 2006 still haven’t been investigated or punished.

Because of this violent history, I join the 56 non-governmental organizations in Mexico and other activists from around the world in demanding that the military return to their barracks since they are carrying out public security duties that are beyond their jurisdiction. I also call on you to prioritize dialogue and conciliation above the use of force.

Please be a leading voice for peace and democracy by removing the military from Oxaca.