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You can help protect landless families as they occupy land to grow food to feed themselves and their communities.

Dear Friend,

Earlier this summer we forwarded to you a letter from our partner, the Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Brazil, asking for your solidarity. The 70 families seeking title to land needed your help to defend their rights against the wealthy landowners and hired thugs who were threatening, harassing and harming them. These families are exercising their Constitutional right to occupy and farm underutilized land so they can feed themselves and their communities, and they remain under threat. 

As result of the actions our supporters took, government officials visited the encampment and, in turn, pressured local authorities to investigate what was happening to the families. Although this was a great victory, the harassment continues. 

This is why we need you to take action today to protect these brave families. We’ve already seen that our advocacy actions are working and you to add your name to this important campaign today.

In solidarity,

Nikhil Aziz
Executive Director

P.S. I hope you’ll also share this action with your friends and family. We need as many voices calling for justice as possible.

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